Nexx Level Plus

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Nexx Level Plus (NLP) is a mentoring and sports based organization.  Our mission is to inspire, enhance, and empower athletes and individuals to reach their full potential on and off the court.  We focus on character, leadership, vision, identity, and purpose.


Majority athletes and individuals are being raised under a faulty foundation.  Parents are unable to invest quality time with children because of a demanding work schedule and misaligned priorities.  This creates a major breach in the family foundational structure because it leaves the children uncovered and prey to the negative influences of modern day social ills.  Children are often compromised and left to make tough decisions alone, which eventually leads to trouble.  Any house without a solid foundation will ultimately crumble.  Some of the manifestations of a damaged or compromised family unit are children become followers instead of leaders, moral values of good character begin to deteriorate, and vision becomes impaired which causes one to take on someone else’s nature.   Inevitably individuals never discover the true reason why they were born.


Nexx Level Plus mentors athletes and individuals through exemplified behavior models. We demonstrate as visible positive role models through verbal and nonverbal communication the behavior necessary for individuals to excel in every arena of life. NLP instructs, trains and informally mentors individuals and athletics on how to handle conflict resolution with regard for others in small groups or one-on-one settings utilizing the game of basketball as a tool for higher achievement. Our focus is to build good character, self-esteem, confidence, positive attitude, respect, teamwork, and great work ethic while developing strong leadership skills through teaching basketball fundamentals and drills. The individuals will be instructed very thoroughly step-by-step on how to master dribbling, passing, shooting, the concept of offense and defense while they actively engage themselves with an array of competitive fun games. NLP will emphasize the significance of regular exercise that the participants will be heavily involved in throughout the class. Youth development experts now agree that mentoring is a critical element in any child’s social, emotional, and cognitive development. They also say it builds a sense of industry, competency, boosts academic performance, and broadens horizons. We help individuals accomplish all of this and more by utilizing the game of basketball as a vehicle to passionately mentor them to successfully reach their full potential in every aspect of life.